Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Old-school Drawing Test

This is quite an old drawing, from 2008, done to test my skills in drawing. You know, you've been doing graphics for a bit, and oops, have I got rusty? Well, thankfully not, I summoned up all my self-control and paid attention to the pile of shoes in the middle of the floor.
I have a feeling its going to be a print...


Richardson said...

Hi Rebecca,
What a wonderful line drawing with detail you've done. I love painting and the visual arts too! Come to my blog sometime for a visit.

Rebecca Wright said...

Hi, thankyou for the comment. There's some good stuff on your site. Rebecca.

Combom said...

very good :)

erin said...

Hi Rebecca!
Im a middle school student in the U.S who just LOVES art!!
i was looking up ideas to draw and saw your pencil drawing of the shoes. i clicked on it and found your blog!I love the picture of all the shoes you did! I thought it was very different and detailed. I hope you don't mind if i take your idea of drawing an old pair of shoes. Of course it probably won't be anywhere as good as yours!


Rebecca Wright said...

Hi, glad you like them, and found it on google too! Yes, have a go, shoelaces are a pain in the arse though, they drive me nuts after a while! Keep looking and have fun with it.