Wednesday, 3 December 2014

House in the clouds

This is a complex image made with the starting point of a wooden house model. It started as a birthday present for my Dad, then has been on a bookshelf for a year. After seeing it for so long little cogs started working and my subconscious came up with the perfect scenario to set the building in. 

It's drawn in Photoshop, and is quite a large image, about 50cm wide. There was no intention to make it like the house in 'Up', maybe it's a common theme to dream about houses in the clouds. The whole image is just simple fantasy, a combination of two things I love- architecture and billowing clouds.

The first blue-tinted clouds version.

 With an apocalyptic edge to the clouds.

The line is removed, for a nice 'chunky' quality.

Here's the original model: