Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tea-pot and cup addiction

This is just a bit of fun, a drawing of my growing teapot and cup collection. The two blue and pink cups and saucers are my favourites, and are part of a gorgeous set of crockery by Pip Studios, a dutch company.

Link to Pip cups and saucers:

More sketches

Here are some more letterbox sized drawings, around York. I really do try not to be twee in my choices of subject matter, but sometimes a drawing of Betty's has to be done.
Picture 1- The Quire Screen York Minster, which has sculptures of the kings of England (up to Henry VI).  
Picture 2- Caffe Nero, Davygate
Picture 3- The market and backs of The Shambles
Picture 4- Betty's Tea Rooms, Davygate

Thursday, 11 August 2011

York Minster Tomb to Sir Henry Bellasis

Here's a little set of cheery images. They are based on an earlier photo published of the tomb of Sir Henry Bellasis, 1624, York Minster. I was struck by the detail and strangeness of painting onto a sculpture. As you may know spooky things fascinate me and so I had to create a spooky etching of the tomb.
All my work starts as a drawing, which usually becomes an etching, and then 'variations on a theme' are made. This is usually because there are so many different ways to explore the subject matter. There's still a lot of mileage in this image, exploring the different planes and directions of the sculpture.
For now, here are four images- the first is a photo made with Hipstamatic for iPhone, second is a detailed drawing (so I can understand it), the third is an etching, and the fourth is a painting with watercolour and acrylic. They're all 30x30cm.