Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Drawings in York

Even more drawings, as it has been suggested I make a little collection together of letterbox-shaped drawings. These are all based in York and were made this week. They are the usual 30x12cm size and are started with pen, then watercolour and finally Neocolor I crayon. The bar image may be turned into a print in the next month or so.

Lots of new drawings

after some time battling with my printmaking problems (paper soaking mainly), I have done lots of new little drawings all based in the beautiful Levens Hall Gardens. They are my experiments in finding new ways of portraying the garden with simpler lines and marks. The final one is quite detailed though because its a complex scene and I wanted to draw the viewer in with the lines of the branches. Each drawing is roughly 30x12cm and made with watercolour and Neocolor I crayon or colour pencil.

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Viking prints

after some time the first prints of Vikings are ready to show. They are 30x30cm etchings. The first is a straight black and white print, the second is a mix of raw umber, yellow and burned umber ink. The latter is a mix of etching and monoprint because I wanted to experiment, and also show the rough nature of the subject matter.
This plate has been a difficult one, as the dark tones weren't deep enough, so a second aquatint was done, then I had to add drypoint to get even more darkness. Some plates are easier than others as printmaking can be a precarious medium.