Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Cardiff Castle's Animal Wall

Cardiff has quite a few architectural landmarks- the castle being the most eccentric. Perched on the battlement-style wall are stone animals, (some with glassy eyes). They're simultaneously humorous and spooky, looking like a second away from springing to life.


Here are the latest viking drawings, from the York Jorvik Viking Festival. The textures and colours are particularly interesting, viking costume can be very rich, especially the Russian ones.

Since I've been using KyleBrushes amazing photoshop tools my love of drawing has really taken off again. It still takes the same skill of pencil and paper, the only difference is that you don't rub a hole in the surface when erasing mistakes. An unexpected challenge of working this way is the temptation to be very detailed, something I have to drag myself away from. There still has to be a roughness to the edges and freshness in colour, and there's still judging what to put in or leave out.