Monday, 27 August 2012

Today's etching

This has been quite a leap forward in my printmaking today, making as a print an idea which has been floating around my head. When aquatint etching is done the usual method to block out the tones is with a brush and varnish, but after a quick experiment with a wax crayon I jumped into making a large print (50x34cm) with the same technique.

This is the experiment: Its only 10x15cm and was made for fun.

And then it started me thinking...

Picture 1 shows the simplicity of the tools used- limited varnish on sky and lightest areas (just to make sure they were absolutely white), a wax crayon for the rest of the picture. 

Picture 2- Each stage of tone was masked out with just the crayon, making a nice white image on the plate. The edges are nice and rough, I was expecting some cracking or the wax dropping off at some stage, but it seemed to stick to the zinc well. 

Picture 3- This is the first print, not perfect but gives me a good idea of how it should look. The wax had done exactly what I wanted- creating nice sketchy and rough edged marks. The varnish method of blocking out the acid resist gives a very sharp edge to the tones, but I wanted to break away from that and make a gritty texture to the marks. There is a much more loose and sketchy texture to the marks. 

I'm really looking forward to developing this technique and using it on potraits too. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A couple of new drawings

I've returned from Levens Hall and taken lots of new photos, ten of which could become some very dramatic prints.
Here are a couple of drawings done in preparation. They are cc.23x20cm, and made with wax crayon resist, watercolour and Neocolour I crayon.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New topiary drawings for a future large etching.

After the exhbition organising I have finally got some more drawing done. They are studies for future prints. These drawings are from my sketchbook and are created as part of a discipline- while I draw ideas come and so I get a deeper understanding of my interest in the image.
I'm enjoying working with wax resist to make lots of texture for the image, which will be carried onto a print. In my mind there will be a large print using just aquatint and wax resist, so these sketches are helping to solidify the ideas and imagery.

Each drawing is approximately 25x20cm.