Thursday, 9 September 2010

Gnarly Trees

Good morning, and here's the latest print, a study of gnarly trees inside a huge hedge. The hedge (in Levens Hall Gardens, Cumbria) is 30ft tall and supported by thick stakes. It is very spooky in there, very reminiscent of Grimms fairy tales, which I wanted to show in the style. After working in publishing the print has a subconscious 'storybook' quality, and also employing my usual bold dark lines. The plate took a day to make, and is 45x27cm, my largest so far. After making small prints I really wanted to stretch out and make something with a lot of instant impact. 
The print may have darker tones added next week just to give it extra punch.


Combom said...

cthuhuesgue gnarly trees :) nice 1 :)

Rebecca Wright said...

Thanks, I was thinking of Cthulhu too. Very snakey.