Sunday, 18 November 2012

Further improvements in lino printing

This is the 5th lino made so far, and I feel that improvements have been made and more understanding of the process.
The print is 30x40cm, and used 2 colours- blue-grey and black. I'm starting to grasp how its important to leave more lino on, so that the image doesn't look faint or thin in content. Also, larger lines make the foreground really jump forward. That might sound obvious but it really catches the eye and so jumps towards you. The last point is that I'm interested in creating movement of lines, as lino can look a bit jagged for some tastes, (which is what put me off years ago). 
6 standard prints were made, and then 3 experiments were done, in lighter inking, adding to the image later with a cotton bud and ink. I hope to work on top later with acrylic paint, just for the sake of experimenting.

After this lino print I'll return to some drawing and also drypoint. I bought some clear persex to play with, as multicoloured and multiplate printing is on the list of experiments.