Saturday, 23 October 2010

Playtime with Hamlet

Here are a few versions I made of the print in the earlier Hamlet post. They are all made with Photoshop, and are just meant to be bit of fun and to see what sort of different versions I could make in colour.

Hamlet at the Crucible, Sheffield

Last weekend I saw Hamlet at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. It was a very strong and emotional, spooky and chilling performance. I've been communicating with one of the cast (who runs a blog on the life of an actor) and sent him the print shown below as a thankyou. Yes, inspired to make a print just on the strength of a play!
I'm glad he liked it, and so did the rest of the cast apparently. The cast included: John Simm as Hamlet, John Nettles as Claudius, Barbara Flynn as Gertrude, and not forgetting Alexander Vlahos as Barnardo (and top blogger).
The print is 23x23cm and was created quite quickly to express the vitality and emotion of the play.
The scratchy lines and the roughly applied aquatint tones at the bottom right have opened up my desire to be more free and expressive in my work.

Across the road

sorry I've not blogged for a while, but here's a bumper crop of prints and drawings to make up for it.

This next print is of the view from across the road to my old flat in London. Yes, I've fallen in love with the countryside and have dumped London.
The print is 30x13cm.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Primrose Bakery print

This is another London-based print, of Primrose Bakery, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. I posted a drawing of the cafe a few months ago. The print has more drawing than earlier prints, after the aquatint disaster a fortnight ago I decided to concentrate on drawing to show the scene, rather than using complicated tones to describe the shapes and areas of light and dark. This also means I can draw on the plate at home and really take my time, then bring it in to bite in the print studio.
Some colour will be added with watercolour, just a couple, such as yellow for the door and some tulips, and pink for the girl's apron.