Tuesday, 4 July 2017

More portrait practice

Roughly once a month I draw a portrait. It's really enjoyable and the best way to sharpen my drawing, and also practice with colour. Also I love it, it's really difficult.

The original photo struck me as the coolest shot of Peter Capaldi (I've been a fan since my 20's), and was struck by how interesting his hands are. They are so German expressionist! The angles of the wrists are quite Egon Schiele. 😀
Once it was drawn I couldn't decide whether to leave it as a drawing or go for colour. The colour is really subtle and complex in the reference photo, and so decided to jump in and tackle it.
The picture actually hangs on the hands, the tension of the hand to wrist, and the fingers locked together really jumps out at you.

Also, I'm starting to develop a 'chunky food' theme- simplified items created almost in facets, with rough areas of colour for interest. How far this idea will go, who knows, but it's good fun.