Thursday, 9 September 2010

Candy Cakes, London

Another slightly chaotic drawing, which was done at the Cafe Candy Cakes, Monmouth Street in Covent  Garden. Then took it home to add watercolour, then jazzed it up today with Neocolour I crayons. The drawing is 50x20cm on Khadi paper. It may become an etching in the next month, there's a giant piece of zinc about to be cut up for etchings.

Seven Dials/Covent Garden is my favourite part of London, and a link below shows you what you can find there:


Kiley said...

I love slightly chaotic things! I really like something about your style. I love the use of thick and thins lines. I love that things are sometimes a bit abstract. I especially love your work with bright colors. I always look forward to your posts!

Rebecca Wright said...

Hi Kiley,
thankyou for such enthusiastic appreciation! I will remember your post i a defence against artists frequent despair.