Thursday, 27 January 2011

Evil Eye Lounge- print stage 1

This is the print of the previous drawing for The Evil Eye Lounge, in York. It measures 45x28.5cm, and took 3 hours to carefully draw out onto the waxed plate, then bitten for 8mins in the acid.
On saturday it will have an aquatint added, before then I'll be working/playing with watercolour on this print; Then uploading to this blog early next week. Hope it doesn't go tits-up.

Watercolour Reverie of Crouch Hill

While planning a new print of the old Crouch End, I started drifting into a watercolour reverie of the scene. Its not geographically correct but who cares when you're dreaming. The Aber Hotel seems to have completely disappeared, and there's an ominous cloud hanging over Holloway. 
One day I'll put all these Crouch End pictures onto a map and connect them together. It would take up a lot of wall space.


Friday, 14 January 2011

Evil Eye Lounge, now in colour

I've been working on this drawing for three days, it started as you know as a drawing, then I added watercolour, then thought about how I'd like to proceed and settled on colour pencil. There is a nod to Nevinson's Acetylene Welder print, (which blew me away at an exhibition of war-time art in Sheffield last year).
Here's a link with info to the Nevinson artwork:

The image is 48x30cm, and has pencil, watercolour, and Derwent Colour Pencil. Next week I'm hoping to make an intaglio print version for the York Open Studios in April.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Evil Eye Lounge, York.

This is quite a large drawing, from some film I took of the staff at The Evil Eye Lounge, York (eccentric cocktail bar and Thai restaurant). It took about two days to draw and involved lots of rubbing out and corrections, quite a test. Its roughly 48x30cm and drawn on Somerset watercolour paper with a very sharp Power Rangers pencil! Its going to be a large print as I'm only reducing it down to 45x28cm, so I can get the detail and also some thicker lines and of course, IMPACT.