Monday, 26 September 2011

Some more London quickie drawings

its been a while, but finally back on to the drawings. If I can remember back the reason for not posting for a while is being busy with setting up tiny printstudio in the garage, and buying non-toxic printmaking kit, such as copper sulphate crystals, inks, trays, etc. I'm hoping to do my first etch on friday, hopefully with some help from my scientific adviser (Dad). Its good having someone with chemistry knowledge around...

Back to drawings:
The first is a very rough sketch of Charing Cross Road, near Foyles and at the junction of Chaos/Oxford Street. There is a phantom bus in the scene, which will be coloured red like the rest of the drawing, but maybe not, lets maybe keep it as a ghost bus.
The second is a little sketch of an outside cafe with people chatting and relaxing. I liked the layers of trees and background detail. Can't wait to colour this one.
They are both 30x13cm, as usual, and I'll post the colour versions very soon.

Business talk: I've just sent a batch of prints to a gallery in London where the owner is optimistic they will sell. Hopefully this is the start of something wonderful. I'll post details for you when its all ready to view.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Latest Viking print

This is a 20x20cm aquatinted etching of a previous photo taken during the Jorvik Viking Festival. If you follow the blog you will have seen it a month or so ago. It was very enjoyable, and very fiddly as lots of masking-out had to be done for stages of the aquatint etch. I've tried to keep lots of textures in the print- the horn, chainmail and little woollen cap worn under the helmet in particular.