Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Art Nest, made in Procreate app

This is a new app I have discovered and fallen in love with- Procreate, made by Savage Interactive. It was recommended by Rob Shaw, animator for Lupus Films.

I've played with quite a few art apps in the last couple of years, Brushes being the most used, but the simplicity and layout of Procreate really works with the flow of creating pictures. Also, the brushes are great, especially the rougher painting ones, which drag colour along with them like oil pastels. I wanted to practice working with colour in a painterly way, and the fantastic colours and subtlety of mixing really made me feel more confident. Something I've wanted to do since starting art school in the 90's.

For these pictures I imported an already existing drawing of my studio, and started working on top. You can work on layers (which have similar properties to Photoshop) and also you can export your work to Dropbox as photoshop files, with the layers intact. This is great if you want to play around with it on your computer afterwards. The other great feature is the ability to make your canvas really big at a high resolution. The pictures below were made as 40 x 20cm at 300dpi.

I'm considering taking it out drawing around town, to get some spontaneous colour drawings of people.