Friday, 10 September 2010

"House of the Trembling Madness" bistro

This is a lovely medieval building in York, which has such an atmosphere of eccentricity and history. Everything is at an odd angle through movement over 600 years, and the little windows to the right give a great view towards the Minster.
The drawing was done there, which I prefer now because you get a stronger sense of place. Then I watercoloured it and finally gave it some extra definition with Neocolour I crayons.


Anonymous said...


I quite like how your picture captures the place! I visted the House of Trembling Madness for the first time this past week and was just trying to find a picture of it ...nothing else that I have found portrays the atmosphere so well! I like your choice of colours as well.

Rebecca Wright said...

Hi, thanks. A picture can say more than a photo (thats cos I'm rubbish at photography!). After looking at it again it has quite a ramshackled appearance. I suppose those medieval buildings are quite like that. said...

Hi, I think your illustration is fantastic. I would be very interested in a print or if your selling. I met my girlfriend here and think it captures the place perfectly.

Rebecca Wright said...

Hi Adam,
I've just seen your comment, I'm so glad you like it, and would like to purchase a print. Would it be a giclé print you would like? The image is about 48cmx20cm. If you let me know, I can organise a gicle print for you, as its not my usual mode of printing work, and as its special to you and your girlfriend you'd rather have a good gicle rather than a home copy on watercolour paper.
Let me know, and I can easily get it printed for you.

Many thanks

Rebecca. said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you very much, if you could do that for me I would appreciate it massively. A giclée print sounds perfect.

I can't wait to see it.

Kind regards, Adam.