Thursday, 26 June 2014

New tools- Kyle T Webster Brushes for Photoshop

it has been far too long since the previous post. I've been very busy with work, and then needed to get my batteries recharged.

Via a friend's students at Aberystwyth University in Wales I discovered the wonderful Kylesbrushes. The link is I'm usually a bit sceptical of photoshop brushes, and favour Painter for my digital drawings, but was bowled over by their high quality.
This did involve me upgrading the tiny Wacom tablet used since 2008, and getting an Intuos Pro large, which has also revolutionised how I work. The Wamazing watercolour brush, Xerox brushes, and Dry Media brushes are my favourites.

Coffee Barker, Cardiff.
Kyle's Xerox Brushes.
Coffee Barker, Cardiff.
Kyle's Xerox Brushes, with colour layers. 

Dorling Kindersley Children's Reference department.

The first stage- a Wamazing brush drawing, with white chalk
added underneath, and a watercolour paper base.
Colouring layer, added, without white layer. 
Colour and white layers, without lines. 
The complete image, 60x20cm.  
A small section, as a portrait of Andrea, one of the editors.

Gulen's desk, Carlton Books.

Watercolour brush, 'Wamazing'. Full colour.
Sepia version, more subdued colour.

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