Wednesday, 12 February 2014


This week is about jobs to do.

1. Set up my e-Commerce website, so you can buy my prints easily.
2. Get work ready for submissions to the International Print Biennale, International Open Mini Print Exhibition, and the Lincolnshire Open Print Biennale.


Aine Scannell said...

hi Rebecca
cant believe I havent come acrosss your blog before !!

I like it and your generous spirit re sharing your printmaking experiments.

Please will you enable the "Follow by Email" gadget in the 'add a gadget' area of your LAYOUT page, which you will find on your Dashboard.

I'd appreciate it if you would email me ( you have done this so I can keep in touch with you through your blog.

Please put the address of your blog when you do otherwise I wont know

How did you get on with your entries for the Lincolnshire Open Print Biennale.?

Also did you get something organised to send off to the International Print Biennale,( Northern Print - is that the one you mean ? )

You also mentioned the International Open Mini Print Exhibition (not too sure which one you mean there ??
I got selected for the Miniprint Finland (finally !!) - am still waiting to hear about B I M P E (in Canada) my prints arrived late there, which did'nt help (thank you - the Royal Mail !!).

keep up the good work. by the way I used to live up the hill from Crouch End so I know all these places you mentioned. Now I live in Scotland !!


Rebecca Wright said...

Hi Aine,

I did manage to get work in to the MiniPrint exhibition, but didn't manage to get work into the others, as the time was so tight with other work commitments. Early summer was absolutely mad with commissions for publishing work.

Another Crouch ender? I keep meeting them everywhere, it's really bizarre. I met one in a pub in Devon, another in Aberystwyth, one from Yorkshire way too. Do you find this happens to you? x

Rebecca Wright said...

Oh, forgot to congratulate you on the Mini Print exhibition in Finland, it's good to have work seen internationally.
I've set up email notification for new posts by the way. x