Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New New Kings Cross drawing

During a quick trip to London I made a new drawing of people at Kings Cross station, because it has been totally redesigned since my first drawing back in 2010. Its like an inverted lily-pad of light. If you know the station I was sitting upstairs at Benito's Hat. It is an amazing space, and I think there's a lot more material to explore, especially the newly revealed areas which were hidden from view over the last 40 years by the hideous 1970's canopy. 

This drawing will probably become an etching. Hopefully with colour too. The seats in the drawing are green and orange, and the roof is soft blue with electric blue lights. The first step is to explore the space and composition of the scene. Then colour it in, because colouring-in is fun! I will keep posting updates of course.

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