Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Getting back into drawing- domestic bliss

These are two 40x20cm sized pen drawings of my backroom, where I do my artwork. I'm hoping to colour them, with either crayon or watercolour, then they'll be posted again so you can see how they came out. 

The first picture of the chairs is to show how things are set out, and I've just realised that the two chairs are pointing in opposite directions, creating a kind of connection and symmetry. Could I have maybe finally trained my subconscious to lead my eye and hand in composition?

The second drawing is a squewed view of looking down at the sketchbook and sofa. I was having really bad creative block after new year (hence the empty page), so forced myself to start drawing again. This picture will be developed with colour, which should help with figuring out the lay of the land, as its quite confusing at the moment. The carpet is light green, the same as the stripes on the blanket on the sofa, so things will start linking together.


j said...

These are terrific. I am trying to draw everyday and appreciate how difficult it is to stay focused.

Rebecca Wright said...

I just had a look at your site- wow!