Saturday, 27 October 2012

New lino print completed

my latest lino print is finished now, entitled 'Patience in Caffe Nero'. It's approximately 45x17cm, and was made with 2 seperate lino blocks. The first block is the colour stages, starting with light yellow, then medium brown, some selective areas of darker 'bronze' yellow, and finally a light grey/prussian blue. The second block is for the black lines and dark areas.

This was quite a detailed print to make, involving some things I had to practice, such as my cutting skills and how to make interesting textures. I also had to use a better registration method. Sticky tape to fix the paper to the mountboard wasn't working very well, with some paper slipping and also the tape came away from the paper and took the top layer off. Yuck. Instead I used a length of mountboard with an L shape attached to the 2ply frame (see wobbly diagram below).

This has given me some inspiration to do a print with more areas left uncut, as I quite like making the areas of colour a little speckled and seeing that texture mixed with the cut lines. Also the areas of blue against brown look kind of zigzaggy and are quite exciting, so has given me ideas of using bright colours against eachother.

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