Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gray's Court Print

This is the latest print, of Gray's Court in York. Its an etching with added detail, and is 30x30cm.
Although a beautiful building dating back to the Middle Ages, I couldn't resist giving it a gothic quality in mood. The longer you look at the trees the more spooky they appear. I wanted a rough textured quality to the marks, especially on the trees and cobbled floor. Also the doorway is a dark entrance with the white woodwork surrounding it, and so became the focal point of the image. 
Here's a link to an earlier drawing made in 2010, so I could 'understand' what attracted me to the trees and court:

You can find out more info about the building here:


Janey said...

Fantastic! Love the trees, they're so full of character.

Rebecca Wright said...

Hi Janey,
thanks, I tried to get lots of texture in there too, lots of variety in mood and tones.

Shelley Whiting said...

There is a haunting and eerie quality to the work. Beautiful and intriguing work.