Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pre- York Open Studios

I'm just getting my work ready for the York Open Studios show, and the house looks like an explosion in a paper factory.
As this is my first year as an exhibiting artist and having an illustration job to finish its all rather 'scatty' and feel like I'm flying on by the seat of my pants.
Today has been labelling, wrapping, organising. Tomorrow will be hanging the pictures, and laying everything out ready for the opening on friday. And finally on Friday I will be taking all my loose prints down to the venue, as I don't want ALL my work in someone elses home, because it took 8 months to make.

Only slightly stressed... I will tell you all how it went after the 10th, when its all over.


Kiley said...


Rebecca Wright said...

Thankyou! It went very well and was definitely worth all the hard work. Now to get round lots of galleries.