Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Drawings of TV dramas

In addition to drawing by hand, I also like to use my computer, and draw portraits of characters from British TV dramas. Here are four for today. They are drawn with a Wacom Tablet and pen, and the application Corel Painter X. I find it immensely satisfying testing out my traditional skills of portraiture and see it as a mental exercise keeping these skills sharp. For people who know the application I use the square pastel tool on top of a light brown background, and do the lighter areas on separate layers. These drawings usually take a day to complete and are 33x33cm at 300dpi.

Rigaud (Andy Serkis), Little Dorrit, BBC TV

First sketch for the painting

Flintwinch (Alun Armstrong), Little Dorrit, BBC TV

Nancy (Sophie Okonedo), Oliver Twist, BBC TV

(N.b. these pictures are not for reproduction and subject matter is the property of BBC)

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